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5 Things You Need To Understand About Graphene

Graphene is a relatively new material. If you are just starting to work about graphene, or just heard about graphene, here are a few things you need to know to better understand what advanced graphene material is and how it is used.

Graphene Is a Carbon Based Material

Graphene is a new, unique material. It is a carbon based material that is really thin. In fact, graphene is such a thin material that many consider it to be a two-dimensional material instead of a three-dimensional material.

Graphene Is a Nanomaterial

The thin nature of graphene makes it a nanomaterial, which are very thin materials that are usually less than a nanometer thick and thus have nanoscale dimensions. These are products that you are more than likely looking at under a microscope, not with your bare eyes.

Graphene Is Very Conductive

Graphene is a very conductive material. It has high conductivity ratings. Graphene is rated high for conducting both electric and thermal energy. That means that both electric and thermal energy can pass through graphene and it can be used for specific applications where electric, thermal or both types of energy need to be moved through objects.

Graphene Has a Unique Structure

If you look at graphene under a microscope, it has a unique structure. It is designed when you look at it like a platelet. Platelets are cell fragments that exist in the human body and look like paper that has been ripped up into little pieces. Graphene has the platelet shape when you look at its material structure.

However, if you break graphene down to its atomic level, the shape is different. At an atomic level, graphene actually has a honeycomb pattern. Graphene has a different material and atomic structure.

Graphene Can Be Made Out of Graphite

One way that graphene can be obtains is through graphite. Graphene can be made out of graphite. However, it involves a very delicate and intricate process for graphite to be turned into graphene. Graphene is not something that is made naturally out of graphite; it requires human intervention and tools for graphite to be turned into graphene.

Graphene Can Be Grown

The other way to obtain graphene is by growing it in small batches. Graphene can be grown, or created, through the use of chemical vapor deposition on very specific substrates. This is a chemical process that takes place in a lab. Very small batches of graphene are produces through the chemical growth process.

Graphene is a relatively new nano-material that is highly conductive with a unique structure that requires human intervention to either make or grow the substance. Graphene is a new, unique materials whose applications are just beginning to be explored.