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Things Business Owners Should Know About Lock And Key Systems

Your business is likely filled with expensive machinery and products that would make prime targets for criminals. This makes your lock and key system critically important to minimizing the risk that criminals will pose to your business. Due to the sizable importance of this security concern, you should take the time to develop your understanding about the locks and keys that keep your business safe.

What Advantages Do Keyless Lock Systems Provide?

There are many different types of locking systems that you can choose. In particular, keyless locking systems can be very common due to the range of advantages that they will provide. These systems will often utilize either a keypad, magnet card reader or other input systems to allow you to release the locking mechanism. These systems will allow you to avoid the potential security risks that can come from losing keys or the locks being easily picked. Also, if you find that you need to remove an employee from having access to the doors, you can easily remove their credentials from these systems without having to worry about unauthorized key copies.

What Can You Do If The Key Breaks Off Inside The Lock?

If you have a traditional key and lock, you may find that your key breaks off in the lock one day. When this occurs, you will have to remove the break key to be able to use the lock again. Unfortunately, it can be easy to damage the lock during this repair if you lack the appropriate equipment. For example, a locksmith will have tools that can easily remove the key without damaging the lock through the use of powerful magnets. If you can not wait for a locksmith to come remove the broken key, you may be able to do this by using needle nose pliers to gently extract the key.

How Do Smart Keys Work?

Smart key systems are emerging as a popular option for those that want better security than what can be expected from traditional keys but that may not be comfortable with a fully keyless system. When using this type of lock, each key will be outfitted with a small chip that can be read by the lock. These keys can be far more secure than traditional ones as they are extremely difficult to copy as most key copying services are unable to outfit the keys with these chips. Furthermore, it would be extremely difficult for them to obtain the correct code to program into the chip.

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