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4 Tips For Preparing Your Cattle Farm For Hurricane Season

If you are the owner of a cattle farm, one thing that you might be worried about is ensuring that your farm is prepared for hurricane season. These are a few tips that can help you ensure that your farming operations is as prepared as possible for any tropical storm or hurricane conditions that might come your way.

1. Check Your Farm Insurance

First and foremost, now is a good time to talk to your insurance agent about your farm insurance. For one thing, you will want to make sure that your policy is updated with information about the current value of your cattle, buildings and equipment. Additionally, you may want to check your policy to make sure that you are protected against floods, since some farm insurance policies do not cover flooding on their own without additional coverage. Your farm insurance agent can talk to you about your coverage options and can help you ensure that your farm is well-protected.

2. Provide Shelter

Another thing that you should focus on is providing shelter for your cattle. Putting in shelters so that they can protect themselves from the wind and rain is a smart move. If you are concerned about flooding, you can build up mounds of dirt in the pasture so that your cows can elevate themselves in the event that flooding does occur.

3. Make Sure Your Cows Have Ample Feed and Water

If a hurricane does strike, then you might not be able to get out to provide your cows with food and water for a few days. Also, if there is even minor flooding in your pastures, your cows will probably not be able to graze. To help ensure that they are well cared for, consider making sure that they have plenty of hay and water to last them for a few days. Installing automatic feeders for grain can be a smart choice as well if your cows' diets are supplemented with grain.

4. Prepare for a Possible Evacuation

There could be a chance that you will have to evacuate your property in the event of a hurricane. Having a plan in mind for where you will take your cattle and ensuring that your livestock trailers are all in good condition and are filled up with fuel can help you ensure that you are ready if this does end up having to happen.

Preparing yourself for hurricane season can be hard enough, and it can be even harder when you have to worry about your cattle. If you follow these tips, however, you can help ensure that your cattle farm is as prepared as possible for any potential hurricanes that might strike your area. For more information, visit websites like