Creating A Better Company

Working With Sensitive Or Confidential Information

When your business revolves around classified or sensitive information, you and any employees you hire must protect this data. To ensure this occurs throughout your entire company, the following actions could prove both useful and effective.

Fingerprint Prospective Hires

It's much easier to protect client details when you can be confident that you're vetting people before they are hired. Ink fingerprinting offers a comprehensive way to do this. By working with a fingerprinting service to collect prints from people you're interviewing, you're able to investigate multiple databases for past criminal activity. That way, you're less likely to end up hiring someone with an unclean past. If you do hire someone, knowing their prints are a matter of record can be helpful should anything criminal happen and fingerprints are found. You can easily seek a match for anyone whose fingerprints have been recorded.

Ink fingerprinting can also act as a deterrent for anyone who wishes to do your company harm; knowing they'll have their fingerprints captured could lead them to avoid further interactions before they're hired.

Use Clear Policies

Your own manuals and handbooks should lay out clear rules and policies about use of client information at the company. Various scenarios and examples should be given so that there is no question about how to proceed when looking up, accessing and working with data. Consequences of violating those policies should also be explained and listed in handbooks and manuals.

To ensure workers are informed, you could ask that they periodically sign documents saying that they've seen, read and understood the relevant rules.

Check Network Usage

Because so many people may be working on a particular client's case or file, multiple people may need to see their information. This should be monitored; usually individual passwords are adequate for this purpose. Your IT team can check for unusual usage such as excessive logins, strange login times and other activity which could be suspicious.

This is even more of a vital issue when you've provided mobile tablets, phones and laptops to workers. They should be aware that you or your IT team will be frequently monitoring their data use.

The information entrusted to you by the different clients you have must be well-protected. These suggestions and actions can help you achieve those goals and protect everyone involved at every level. Talking to ink fingerprinting companies and your IT team can ensure data at your company is safe.