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3 Useful Tips For Homeowners Renting Out Storage Units

As some point, you may run out of space in your home. Instead of living in chaos and clutter, you can rent out a storage unit. These structures provide ample protection for all of your possessions. In order to make these moving adventures as stressful as possible, consider these tips. 

Take Into Account Temperature Changes

Even though your items are secure in a storage unit, you still need to account for temperature changes. Fragile items, such as old photos and records, will need to be double and triple-wrapped so that they have proper insulation and can avoid damage.

Or, you can simply looking for facilities that offer climate-controlled units. They are kept at a particular temperature range at all times, so you never have to worry about personal belongings getting exposed to extreme heat or cold. 

Organize First

Organization should be your first priority after finding the right storage unit. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to track down where items are and accessing them will also prove difficult. Put smaller items into clear storage totes. You can see right through them and find items, saving you time and stress. Separate items into different categories as well. For example, kitchen items should go in one tote, while bathroom supplies should go in another.

You should also arrange items in the storage unit in a particular way. Put large items on the side, making sure there are walkways for you to move around without any trouble. Make sure the clear storage totes are facing the entrance, so you can quickly scan for items.

Invest in Specialized Moving Equipment 

The real challenge of renting out a storage unit is moving everything inside. Instead of wasting time and leaving yourself susceptible to injury, you can invest in specialized moving equipment. Large industrial dollies, for example, let you safely transport multiple boxes at a time. 

For larger sized items, consider purchasing forearm lifting straps. After you and a lifting partner wrap them around the forearms, you can effortlessly move large furniture and electronics. Four-wheeled moving carts with pneumatic wheels are also helpful, as they can support a lot of weight and move effortlessly around corners. 

Storage units are a godsend if you have a lot of extra stuff just sitting around the house. As long as you plan and use the right equipment, moving items into these units should be a smooth process for everyone involved. Contact facilities like U-Stor-It for more information.