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Three Benefits Of Thin Brick Panels

Thin brick panels for sale in stores today are one alternative to installing actual brick. Thin slices of real brick are embedded in a manufactured panel that really looks like a brick and mortar wall. There are additional benefits to buying and using these panels in any remodeling or renovation projects that you do.

Far Less Expensive Than Full Bricks and Mortar

If you want to decorate your walkway with bricks, you would pay a lot more for bricks, mortar, and the upheaval of the existing concrete. That does not include what you would have to pay a concrete contractor to do the job, either. On the flip side, you could cut a thin brick panel to fit the width and length of your walkway, and then use just a smattering of wet cement to adhere the panel to your current walkway. The job would be complete in about an hour or two, and you could easily do it yourself for far less money.

Just as Durable As Brick

Because these panels are made with actual brick, they are equally as durable. They will chip like real brick, and over time they will crack like real brick, but they will also last just as long. The only difference is that they will not break and cause entire walls to fall over or leave massive holes where this or that brick fell out, because they are not whole bricks 

The Brick Panels Are Extremely Versatile

You have complete panels at your disposal. That means that you can use these to cover walls in your kitchen, create a faux wood oven look, replace your siding with the panels for a brick home exterior that is not full brick, cover a walkway, etc., etc.. The ideas are only as limited as your own imagination. 

Ready to Try Thin Brick Panels? 

If you think you are ready to try thin brick panels for a project, you can buy them at most hardware chains and home improvement stores. The panels come in a single brick color, or multi-colored brick slices. Because they have slices of real brick built into them, they are heavy. Bring a truck with a long truck bed and some help to pick up, move, load, and haul these panels. If you are buying really big panels for siding or to cover an interior wall or two, pay for the panels and delivery service from the store where you purchased the panels.

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