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Teen Suffers From Back Pain? Make After-School Assignments Easier On Them

Adults aren't the only people to suffer from back pain. Teens can also experience debilitating pain in their lower and upper backs. The pain can keep young people from completing their homework assignments and other after-school projects on time. If your teen needs back pain relief at home, keep the following tips in mind.

Replace Your Teen's Chair

If your teen currently sits in a regular desk chair to do their assignments, replace it with an ergonomic office chair. Although a desk chair is convenient and small enough to fit inside tight spaces, it might not be equipped to support your loved one's back, hips, and thighs. The hard seat can also cause problems for your teen's buttocks and knees. An ergonomic office chair can prevent the complications above by providing the support your teen's body needs when sitting.

Ergonomic chairs often feature cushioned backrests. Cushioned backrests keep the spine, neck, and lower back in good alignment, which not only reduces pain, it encourages your teen to use the proper posture when sitting. Poor posture is one of the causes for back pain.

The chairs may also come with features in the seats that support or lift your teen's thighs and reduces stress on their knees. The nerves in your teen's lower body can become pinched over time. Pinched nerves in the lower body can travel up the body and into the back region.

If you have problems finding the right ergonomic office chair for your teen, consult with an office and furniture specialist for help. After you find the right chair for your teen, take a look at their mattress.

Change Your Teen's Mattress

Your teen's mattress may be one of the reasons for their back pain. Mattresses can become old, lumpy, and outdated after awhile. Your teen could develop painful knots throughout their back and lower body from a bad mattress.

If possible, replace your teen's mattress with one that supports the neck, spine, and hips. If your teen sleeps in their back or sides, these features are essential. The mattress should also be free of hard buttons and other trinkets. These things can keep your teen from falling or staying asleep at night, which may interfere with their ability to learn in school or complete their after-school work.

If you need help finding ways to ease or improve your teen's back pain, contact an office and furniture supplier, like D&R Office Works, Inc., today.