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2 Tips For Making The Night After You Move Easier

If you are moving to a new residence, your schedule in the days leading up to your move will be hectic. If you do not make the proper preparations, you may find that the night after you move is chaotic as well. To ensure that this does not happen, use the following tips to help make the night after you move easier.

1.  Schedule the Turning on of Utilities Well in Advance

With everything you have going on before you move, such as packing, sorting, and ensuring all paperwork is in order, you may forget to call the utility companies until the day before your move to schedule the turning on of your electricity, gas, and water. However, this may not be enough time for the utility companies to get everything going, which could leave you in the dark without running water at your new home.

To keep this from happening, make sure you call the utility companies about a week before your scheduled move-in date. If you must, set a reminder on your phone to do this about a week before. Doing so should give the utilities ample time to have everything turned on by the day you arrive.

2.  Pack a Bag of Needed Items for Each Family Member

Another way to make the night after your move run more easily is to pack a bag of needed items for each family member. Especially when you have multiple household members and many rooms to pack, you may accidentally pack something essential in with everything else, such as throwing all of the toiletries in a moving box and forgetting to handily pack your deodorant in an overnight bag.

For you and each family member, pack a separate bag with medications, toiletries, nighttime clothes, and at least one set of daytime clothes. If you have children, pack their favorite games or toys so that they will be entertained that evening.

Then, in another bag, pack vital items that your family may need as a whole. These items may include plates, cups, utensils, and anything you will need for preparing or eating dinner that night. 

Using the above tips can help make the night after you move go more smoothly, especially after a busy day of sorting, packing, and lifting. For more information about making preparations in the days before and the day of your move, speak with the company through which you will be hiring your movers.