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Problems With Your Well? 4 Issues That Require Immediate Repairs

With summer just about over, it's time to make sure that your well, is prepared for winter. Unfortunately, if your well is giving you problems right now, chances are good that it won't survive the winter, especially if you postpone the repairs. Before winter arrives, you need to take care of any repairs that could interfere with the performance of your well. Here are four problems that could cause issues with your well this winter.

Clogged Well Screen

If you're dealing with low water pressure, the first thing you should do is check the well screen. Sediment on the screen can interfere with proper water pressure. In most cases, cleaning the screen, or replacing it altogether, will increase your water pressure. However, if cleaning or replacing the well screen doesn't alleviate the problem, you'll need to call for repairs. The problem could be a broken well pipe or check valve. These problems will require professional repairs.

Damaged Pressure Switch

If you tried to increase water pressure by adjusting the pressure switch, you could end up with more problems than you expected. First, adjusting the pressure switch will decrease the drawdown pressure in the air tank, which can damage your well. Second, adjusting the pressure switch too often, or too much, could damage or destroy it. If you suspect that you have problems with your pressure switch, you need to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Clogged or Damaged Gate Valves

If you have a well, it's crucial that you turn the gate valves on and off intermittently. If you fail to do that, the gate valves may get stuck. Unfortunately, if they remain stuck for too long, they may never turn back on. If you try to force the gate valves to turn, they may break. If you haven't turned the valve in a while, you need to have your well professionally serviced.

Problems With Your Pipes

If you're having problems with your water pressure, and you've noticed an orange tint to your water, you could be dealing with clogged pipes. The orange tint could be caused by a sludge that's built up in your pipes. Before you're left without water this winter, have your pipes inspected by your well repair technician. Your pipes may need to be cleaned or replaced to resolve the issue.

Don't live with well problems this winter. If you're dealing with any of the issues described above, have your well, or drinking water system repaired immediately.