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Use A Weighted Blanket To Achieve A Better Night's Sleep

If you spend many nights staring up at the ceiling and are concerned that your insomnia will begin to interfere in your daily routine, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, or chronic pain may be contributing to your ability to get a good night's sleep. Weighted blankets apply pressure to one's body and help alleviate stressors or discomfort that contribute to sleep loss. Adding a weighted blanket to your bed and giving the new bedding a try may help restore your sleep schedule.

Similar To A Hands-On Approach

When a masseuse applies moderate pressure to muscles, the recipient of the massage may experience a calming effect and tired or sore muscles may begin to relax. The same type of experience can be attained by draping a weighted blanket over your body. The weight that rests directly over your legs, arms, and torso will help stabilize you during your time in bed. Excessive worrying, darting thoughts, and throbbing in various parts of your body may lessen, after a short amount of time has elapsed.

In addition to receiving therapeutic benefits, you will not not need to worry about your new blanket shifting from your bed, in the manner that a lightweight blanket would. This means that if you are someone who doesn't like their feet to be exposed while sleeping or if your blanket normally bunches up across various parts of your body, you will be able to enjoy the stability of a weighted covering that will lay flat for the duration of each night.

Various Fabrics And Fillings

A weighted blanket may possess a cover that can be removed. If you choose a removable cover, you can launder it in your washing machine and use a sponge or a damp cloth to wipe down the outer sheath that surrounds the filling. Choose a breathable fabric cover, such as cotton or polyester and explore the filling types that provide a blanket with its weighted property.

Small plastic or foam pellets or a microfiber material that has been cut into small segments may be the filling type that your new blanket will contain. The outer sheath will be fairly thick, preventing any worries associated with the material tearing and releasing the inner core. After purchasing a new blanket and laying it out across your bed, set up a new sleeping schedule, which involves dimming the lights at a specific time and getting into bed.