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Repairing Your AC's Faulty Compressor

Your air conditioning system is a highly sophisticated mechanical system that will have the vital role of keeping the interior of your home cool when it is scorching hot outside. While an air conditioning system will normally be highly reliable, there are issues that can be encountered by its various components. In particular, the compressor can be a component that will often be prone to failing.  

1. Will an Air Conditioning Unit Be Able to Blow Air if the Compressor Is Damaged?

A homeowner may assume that a faulty compressor will completely prevent the air conditioning unit from blowing any air into the home. However, it is still possible for the unit to blow air with a faulty compressor. However, this air is likely to be warm or even hot. The compressor will serve the function of circulating the refrigerant through the heat exchange coils.

2. What Are Your Repair Options?

Unfortunately, an air compressor that is malfunctioning may be far less likely to be able to be repaired. This is due to the small size and high costs of repairing these components. Rather, it will usually be best to simply replace the faulty compressor. When taking this repair approach, you will need to ensure that the compressor is compatible with your particular air conditioning unit. Otherwise, you may find that it is underpowered, which could compromise the unit's cooling or it may cause damage due to being too powerful for the unit. Allowing a professional to replace the air conditioning compressor can be the most effective option for ensuring that it is replaced with a suitable compressor for your air conditioner's size and design.

3. What Are the Common Causes of Air Conditioning Compressors Damages?

Typically, the air conditioner's compressor will be a fairly reliable and durable component. However, a common cause of problems for this component can be restricted airflow through the unit. If this occurs, the compressor will be able to actually start to overheat. Eventually, the overheating can cause the compressor to fail. Regularly cleaning the air conditioning unit is an effective way of avoiding this particular type of damage as it will reduce the risk of the exterior vents becoming clogged or obstructed.

Another potential source of damage to the compressor can be due to electrical surges. If a power surge strikes the air conditioning unit, it can overload the compressor and melt important components of it. Using a surge suppression system will be able to reduce the risk of surges causing this damage as it may interrupt the damaging surge before it reaches the compressor.

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