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Three Reasons To Have Your Boat Professionally Cleaned

While most boat owners know the basics about boat cleaning and maintenance, most people aren't trained to clean every surface of a boat. Professional boat cleaners offer services that go above and beyond basic maintenance cleaning tasks. If you have noticed that your boat is starting to look a bit worse for wear despite your regular cleaning schedule or that your boat has become slightly less efficient over time, you would almost certainly benefit from having it professionally cleaned. Here are three services boat cleaners offer that boat owners don't typically handle themselves.

Safe Engine Cleaning

Boat engines need more maintenance than car engines. Most car owners don't ever clean their engines, and their engines continue to operate well as long as they change their oil regularly and get inspections as dictated by their local laws. Unlike car engines, boat engines have to deal with water and everything in it. Whether you have an inboard or outboard engine, you need to keep the engine free of grime, dust, and mold to ensure it continues to function well. Most boat owners don't have the expertise to handle this task on their own, though. Some cleaning chemicals and scrubbers can damage delicate engine components or remove protective coatings. Professional boat cleaners work with boat engines on a regular basis, so they will clean your engine without causing any damage.

Boat Upholstery Care

Even though boats are built for the water, some of the materials used to make them comfortable aren't perfectly waterproof. Many boats have marine carpets and upholstered seats. Although they are created to withstand consistent exposure to water and grime as long as they are cleaned regularly, they need to be deep-cleaned periodically to ensure they last as long as possible. Deep cleaning by professional boat cleaners removes all grime from carpet and upholstery, even mold and mildew deep within foam seats or carpet piles. To achieve this, professional cleaners use commercial-grade steam cleaners and other devices that boat owners typically don't have access to.

Extra Wax Applications

Most boat owners wax their vessels regularly, but professional boat cleaners go above and beyond typical wax applications. Boat wax protects the hull and other exterior surfaces from the effects of regular water exposure. It also reduces drag, making the boat more efficient. While boat owners may apply one or two coats around once each year, many professional boat cleaners apply multiple layers of boat wax after stripping and cleaning the exterior of the boat. This creates a perfectly smooth and water-resistant surface that glides through the water easily and protects the interior of the boat from water damage.

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