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Hiring A Striping Contractor To Line Your Parking Areas

A freshly-paved parking lot can be great for your business, and once the paving is complete, having an asphalt line striping contractor come and paint the lines on the lot will make it even nicer. Freshly painted lines on the parking lot can make it much easier to find your way around and keep people from parking in areas they shouldn't.

Laying Out The Striping

When you hire an asphalt line striping service to paint your parking area, you need to take some time to discuss the layout of the parking and the other areas that need painting before they get started. In many areas, the parking lot must have a specific number of parking spaces, and the old layout you used may no longer work, especially if the business has grown. 

The striping contractor knows the regulations for the areas they work in and can help you make the changes you need to comply with the regulations. There may be some rules that you are not familiar with that the contractor can point out during the lot's layout, and they may also offer some suggestions to make the flow through the lot work better for you and your visitors.

Striping the Parking Area

Once the layout is complete, the asphalt line striping service will start applying the lines to the lot. Most companies will start with parking spaces because they are the most critical. If the parking spaces are not laid out properly, you may not get all the spaces required in the area you are working with. 

The rest of the lot can be adjusted a little as it needs, but the parking spaces should follow the plan to ensure they are the right size, in the right place, and there are enough of them. Once all the spaces are painted and striped, the accessible spaces can be labeled, and then the asphalt striping company can work on the roads and markers around the lot. 

Adding Special Markers

There may be some areas around the parking lot that you want to have the asphalt striping service paint for you as well. Accessible ramps, loading zones, and no parking zones are all areas that should be addressed while the rest of the parking lot striping is being applied. 

Don't forget the fire lanes and any tow zones that you need on the property. Some businesses will have special parking for moms with kids, veterans, police officials, or other groups that should also be painted while the striping company is working on your lot.