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Commercial Septic Systems Need To Be Properly Maintained To Avoid Bad Problems

If you find yourself owning a commercial property that has a septic system and you aren't very familiar with them, then you have some things to learn. It will be very important to the business space for you to quickly learn about the important things regarding running a business on septic, such as how to maintain the system properly and when you need to have the septic system pumped. Here is some of the information you need.

What is considered a commercial septic system

Just because you may have a property that is being used as a commercial one doesn't automatically mean that your septic system is considered a commercial one. This is due to the fact that some residences are later remodeled to be business spaces. For example, if you open a small, private office space in what was once a home, then the septic system may still technically be considered to be a residential septic system. It needs to meet the EPA definition of a commercial system in order to be defined as one. 

How commercial septic systems work

A commercial septic system will function in the same way that a residential one does, with the one notable difference being that the commercial system will be larger. The wastewater from all sinks and toilets will still go into the system. All of the same precautions regarding what goes down the drains still remain the same. There are all the same components such as the septic tank and a leach field. The system also still needs to be inspected, and it still requires pumping. 

What can happen if you don't have the commercial septic pumped in time

If you don't stay on top of having the commercial septic pumped when it should be, then you can end up dealing with a lot of problems. For one thing, you can end up needing to close your business if you end up having backup. Backups happen when the septic tank isn't pumped soon enough, so the waste backs up through the drains. This leads to a very bad odor that will be offensive to everyone in the building. 

Plus, it can pose health risks, and you can end up needing to have the business space professionally cleaned and even needing to replace everything, from flooring to cabinets, depending on the severity of the backup. You may even find yourself being shut down by the city and requiring approval after an inspection before you can reopen. This is why inspections are so important and why you never want to wait too long to have the septic system pumped.

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