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Procrastinating Funeral Preplanning? 3 Obstacles And How To Beat Them

Many Americans know that they should make the effort to plan some arrangements for their own funeral or memorial, but it can be a real challenge to actually do so. What is holding you back from funeral preplanning? And how can you overcome your challenges? Here are four common obstacles and what you can do about them.

1. Cost

Certainly one major barrier to preplanning is prepaying what you want to be done. After all, since the average cost of a funeral is between $7,000 and $9,000, many Americans simply don't have the funds to pay for it right now.

What can you do if this is your concern? Consider buying a small life insurance policy solely to fund your funeral costs. You may find dedicated policies or you may opt for a generic policy. Remember that you can always make arrangements now without purchasing the actual services. While this isn't ideal, it may motivate you to get started on planning whether or not you can pay the entire bill right now. 

2. Fear of Death

Few people want to think seriously or talk seriously about their own death. Young people may be in denial about their passing because of their youth and good health. Older ones may fear the end of their life and therefore continue to procrastinate planning. 

Are you in denial? Do you suffer from the inertia of a lifetime of putting off this subject? If so, consider finding a funeral planning buddy. Band together with one or more friends or family members who would also like to tackle this task. You're more likely to keep each other motivated than anyone going it alone. Talk about your preplanning with others so it's not a taboo subject. And focus on the positive aspects of planning, including caring for your loved ones. 

3. Information Overload

Modern funeral planners have more options and information at their fingertips than those before them. But while this can be helpful, it also creates a sort of information overload. Put simply, too many choices and alternatives can be difficult to wade through — so some people give up. 

A good way to battle information overload is to avoid trying to do this alone. Work with a local funeral home instead. They have experience with all of today's choices and can give you guidance. They know what works for people and where people like to customize. The funeral home may also have prepared packages that make many of the smaller decisions for you.

Where to Learn More

Are you held back by any of these common concerns? Or do you face other challenges that prevent planning? No matter what the answer, the best place to start is to talk with a local funeral home. They will help you find the solutions you need to complete this important task and create peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.