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Three Great Rules To Follow When Hanging Art In A Commercial Setting

The addition of some art to the walls of a commercial setting, whether it's an office, medical center, or another business, can make the environment brighter and calmer. Hanging the art is easy enough if you're just trying to get it to stay on the wall. However, if you want to make the art displays look really nice, follow a few rules for installation. And if you don't think you're going to do a good job of hanging the art, you can hire an art installation service to help you figure out placement and then get that art onto the walls.

Use Secure "Closed" Hooks

First, even if you are not in an earthquake zone, use closed "quake-resistant" hooks to hang pictures and other items. These hooks help keep the art on the hook in the event of shaking, which can be strong enough to cause art on regular picture hooks to fall off. The reason you want these stronger, more secure hooks even if you don't have to worry about shaking is that they also help in case someone bumps into the pictures. It's much harder to knock something off the wall if it's secured with one of these closed hooks.

Have Some Neutral Art in Addition to Joyful Art

Unless your business deals with horror movies, the art you choose should be neutral to positive. You want joyful pictures that make people happy when they look at them, but you may also want some neutral art because not everyone is going to be in the right mood to be surrounded by relentlessly happy art. And, if the art is in a medical setting, people receiving bad news don't need joy; they need calm. Make sure the art you have is divided well between happy and neutral/calming.

Remember That Not Everyone Has the Same "Eye Level"

When you decide where to hang the art, you'll have to decide how high up to hang it. Very large items don't have a lot of leeway, but smaller pictures and paintings can be hung high up, in the middle, or lower on the wall. The instinct is to hang it at eye level, but you have to remember that not everyone has that same eye level. Staggering smaller artworks can be helpful.

If you're really not sure where you want to place the art, or if you're still looking for art, an art installation service can help you. Some will sell art, too, while others don't; in any case, the service can plan out where to hang the items and take care of that work for you. That makes decorating your space a lot easier.