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Rain Apparel That Provides Adequate Protection

Rain gear that is constructed of a composite material and is a bright color will provide protection, comfort, and high visibility. Shop for rain gear that will provide adequate protection when your workforce will be performing outdoor services.

Composite Fabrics

Composite fabrics are designed with two or more textile types. Rain gear for work manufacturers may use an outer shell material that is designed to repel water. The inner part of a composite fabric may be designed to quickly move sweat away from the body.

Polyester, polypropylene, and nylon are some popular fabric types that are used to line rain gear products. The reinforcing fabric will be the underlayer that comprises a composite textile. The lighter-weight fabric will act as a binder and wrap around the reinforcing textile. 

Comfort Features And Colors

  • drawstrings
  • elastic
  • flared legs
  • adjustable sleeves
  • waterproof hoods
  • buckles and straps
  • expanded waistlines 
  • fluorescent shades

Rain gear garments include pants, coats, bib overalls, and boots. Garments that are roomy should be purchased for high-intensity job services that will require your workforce to climb, lift, or walk at a quick pace. Rain articles that will adequately fit over normal clothing should be sought. Rain pants that contain a drawstring and elastic waistband can be pulled up and down quickly and be adjusted according to an individual's unique body shape.

Flared legs will provide comfort when standing upright or sitting. The flaring that comprises the pants legs will provide the option of either pulling the pants legs down over a pair of rain boots or tucking the legs down into the top of a pair of rain boots. Adjustable sleeves and hoods are some comfort features that quality raincoats possess. A pair of overall rain bibs can be worn over a t-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt. This type of garment may feature buckles and wide straps. A raincoat or a pair of overall bibs may contain an expanded waistline.

Any rain products that your workforce wears should be visible during the day and night. Since overcast conditions could interfere with visibility, even during daylight hours, gear that is constructed of fluorescent colors should be purchased. Electrical workers and other professionals who are dispatched to outdoor worksites typically wear high-visibility clothing. Rain boots that contain adequate traction will be required when walking across muddy surfaces. In addition, remember that boots should contain a waterproof surface that will keep the feet dry.